Product Design . Global Chair

Body-Conscious Design

The Global Chair is the result of a course made at Anderson Ranch Arts Center (Colorado, USA) with a full scholarship.

The course was focused on the new paradigms of ergonomy, specially on the body-conscious design field. All the project is done in a professional wood workshop, learning the latest wood-working techniques.

Is known that the chair is one of the responsibles of the ergonomical problems on the occidental society. The body-conscious design, teach us that the oriental cultures have better ways to sit down, for example, the yogi in India or Buddhism monks in Tibet.

The problem is that we cannot apply directly that culture in ours, because our bodies are used to sit down in other way. The Global Chair solves that issue, offering different postures and possibilities. Everyone can try to sit down in a better way as a yogi, but at the beginning can choose an "easier level", putting the adapatable piece at the most comfortable height and tilt. In the following weeks and months, little by little, the user can reach "higher levels" improving its posture, and, as a result of that, healing its body.