Product Design . Plastic Dreams


Design and handcraft of a new concept of a Lamp-Chair with fiberglass techniques.

The product was made during a long-term workshop at the Faculty of Architecture of Aachen (Germany). The workshop was focused on the different techniques of plastic handcrafting.

After sketching the idea, the following step was to build some 1:2 size clay models to verify the shapes. After that, was made a 1:1 size cardboard model to check the size and ergonomy of the final shape.

When the shape was verified, the project started with the Polystyrene model, made by hand with sculpture techniques. It was used to make the plaster mold, divided in two parts, in order to apply on it the fiberglass layers. Finally the two parts were joined, leaving an openess at the bottom side to install the lamp.

Product Design, Photography, Fiberglass, Lighting Design, Concept Design